Comme and visit this exhibition around textile art.

I will do workshop and demonstration.

Monet, umbrella lady<br>Needle painting by Maryse Nigelle of Damas by claudie<br>Painting with a needle green Hat, painting with a needle<br>Painting with a needle, Françoise violet,Marie<br>Needle painting by Marie gold work, butterfly<br>different kind of gold, student, work in progress mixed embroidery<br>student work done my hemself Fishes, traditional embroidery (crewel)<br>Embroidery done by a children after 1 day lesson Exercice for beginner in Passé Ombré, New stitch<br>New stitch, Passé Ombré black hat<br>Painting with a needle, Françoise Char,lot<br>Painting with a needle, and Passé ombré, Françoise Lalique face<br>Painting with a needle, Maryse gold work, monique<br>gold work on religious dress goldwork on religious dress, monique<br>broderie or, monique goldwork, detail, cup, monique<br>goldwork, monique goldwork, detail of cross, monique<br>goldwork, monique handbag with a painting with a needle<br>painting with a needle, evelyne Other way for hand bag, Evelyne<br>long and short stitch,Evelyne Bird, with long and short stitches<br>Painting with a needle, Maryvonne gold embroidery, butterfly morpho, joelle<br>gold embroidery, joelle painting with a needle, a part of vangoh picture, Annick<br>painting with a needle painting with a needle, other detail of vangoh picture, Annick<br>painting with a needle painting with a needle, detail of vangoh picture, Annick<br>painting with a needle stumpwork, passiflora, Catherine<br>stumpwork painting with a needle, Annick<br>painting with a needle lady in rose<br>long and short stitches traditional embroidery, teapot, Sylviane<br>traditional embroidery oeillets<br>long and short stitches dancer girl<br>long and short stitches parsil<br>painting with a needle pansies<br>beaded, ribbon and painting with a needle painting wih a needle, asparagus, Geneviève<br>Painting with a needle painting with a needle, fisher house, Lucette<br>Painting with a needle painting with a needle, jay, Maryvonne<br>painting with a needle ribbons embroidery, heart, Viviane<br>ribbons embroidery Lace and white embrodery, Gaby<br>White work embroidery guyana vision<br>beaded and painting with a needle blu heart<br>ribbon embroidery ribbon heart2<br>ribbon embroidery ribbon heart<br>ribbon embroidery Dancer<br>Embroidery net embroidery<br>dress with needle lace embroidery on net Arlésienne<br>long and short stitches, Annie L Details of crown of fruits<br>stumpwork, détails fraise, groseille, myrtille birds, <br>Long and short stitches, Ghislaine, ennji-workshop ennji-workshop, Dom robert Horses, Sylviane<br>ennji-workshop, long and short stich,painting with a needle anemone of caen, Micheline<br>long and short stitch, Micheline, ennji-workshop geisha right side<br>front side of embroidery Parrot tulip heart<br>painting with a needle, by Josette B detail from vegetable<br>détail patisson par josette or nué<br>Rosalba, gold work, ornué peonie<br>painting with a needle rose two colors<br>peinture à l'aiguille Manga by Françoise<br>Painting with a needle and ribbons Geisha by maryse<br>Painting with a needle Richelieu embroidery, Micheline<br>Broderie Richelieu Imagination<br>Or nué, Karine Face by Maryse<br>Painting with a needle

Visit above Ennji school and students embroideries