Exhibition at Semur en Auxois
Semur en Auxois


Exhibition and workshop aroud embroidery, patchwork and textile art


Jocelyne KURC , crafstman from ENNJI'S school/workshop



Jocelyne Kurc, teacher of embroidery and craftsman, creates new stiches and offers you an exceptionnal quality of work in hand and embroidery machine.

The expérience of the hand to the machine embroidery

You want or you have a dream of an exceptional work of embroidery, Jocelyne is ready to realise your order, dont hesitate, contact her. Dresses, bags, furnitures, seats, etc.... can be embroidered, hand made or machine embroidery.

goat head<br>new stitch, passé ombré zoom on goat head<br>passé ombré coq<br>coq in chain stitch ennji-workshop, figs<br>long and short stiches with cotton thread, price on request ennji-workshop, Dalhias cactus<br>long and short stiches embroidery, copy printed on canvas : 170€+ post ennji-workshop, La Dame à l'ombrelle<br>passé ombré embroidery ennji-workshop, work in progress during an exhibition<br>working on a professional frame for screen ennji-workshop, La tulipe rouge<br>painting with a needle, long and short stiches ennji-workshop, Reveuse bleu, bleu dream<br>hight fashion embroidery ennji-workshop, Les saules<br>long and short stiches embroidery ennji-workshop, Reve blanc, white dream<br>hight fashion embroidery ennji-workshop, the work for gold medal<br>painting with a needle for the exam of MOF ennji-workshop, Le Moineau<br>passé ombré embroidery, price 350€ ennji-workshop, exhibition<br>exhibition ennji-workshop, Minors<br>passé ombré embroidery ennji-workshop, Les Bergers<br>passé ombré embroidery, My new stich, price 3500€ ennji-workshop, les Bergers<br>passé ombré embroidery, My new stich ennji-workshop, Le Chignon<br>passé ombré embroidery, My new stich, price 5000€ ennji-workshop, Or Nué from Toffoli<br>or nué embroidery ennji-workshop, Orleans rose<br>long and short stiches embroidery ennji-workshop, Iris Demoiselle <br>cotton, painting with a needle, 780H work, price on request ennji-workshop, geisha<br>embroidery on silk Organza with gold thread ennji-workshop, Or Nué for book<br>embroidery or nué on the top of the book ennji-workshop, stumpwork<br>creation in stumpwork with silk ennji-workshop, Fillette<br>embroidered with passé ombré, price 700€ ennji-workshop, Femme fleur<br>hight fashion embroidery