Exhibition at Semur en Auxois
Semur en Auxois


Exhibition and workshop aroud embroidery, patchwork and textile art


Jocelyne KURC , crafstman from ENNJI'S school/workshop



Jocelyne Kurc, teacher of embroidery and craftsman, creates new stiches and offers you an exceptionnal quality of work in hand and embroidery machine.

The expérience of the hand to the machine embroidery

You want or you have a dream of an exceptional work of embroidery, Jocelyne is ready to realise your order, dont hesitate, contact her. Dresses, bags, furnitures, seats, etc.... can be embroidered, hand made or machine embroidery.

military coat embroidered<br>Design end embroideries on request for Umbrella for wedding<br>hand embroidered umbrella for wedding all designpossible on request light in needle lace<br>needle lace on net for light Ballerines butterflies<br>i do for you embroidery on shoes Ballerines paillettes and beads<br>I do embroideries for shoes emergence 2<br>ribbons and lunÚville embroidery ennji-workshop, Pink dress,beaded embroidery<br>needle beaded embroidery ennji-workshop, embroidered military jacket<br>LunÚville embroidery design children dress<br>Beauvais stich on graphism design ennji-workshop, Poinsettia blouse<br>Long and short stich embroidery ennji-workshop, 2 wedding dress<br>LunÚville embroidery ennji-workshop, wedding dress embroidered<br>beaded and satin stich ennji-workshop, LunÚville embroidery for dress red<br>LunÚville embroidery(hook and beads) ennji-workshop,gold belt<br>bullion gold work embroidery ennji-workshop,Belt gold and silver<br>gold work on belt ennji-workshop, pink dress<br>Beads embroidery paradise birds<br>long and short stitches