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Exhibition and workshop during 3 days.

Jocelyne KURC , crafstman from ENNJI'S school/workshop



Jocelyne Kurc, teacher of embroidery and craftsman, creates new stiches and offers you an exceptionnal quality of work in hand and embroidery machine.

The expérience of the hand to the machine embroidery

You want or you have a dream of an exceptional work of embroidery, Jocelyne is ready to realise your order, dont hesitate, contact her. Dresses, bags, furnitures, seats, etc.... can be embroidered, hand made or machine embroidery.

stool embroidered<br>stool embroidered on request ennji-workshop, Or Nué for furniture<br>Idea for furniture with Or Nué embellishment ennji-workshop, tables and ligts embroidered<br>table hight fashion embroidered with Lunéville,sold at 1500€+post ennji-workshop, idea in OR NUE for furniture<br>Or Nué embroidery, inside or on furniture ennji-workshop, cushion sweet pea<br>long and short stiches embroidery with cotton ennji-workshop, cushion for embellishment<br>embroidery with Point de Beauvais ennji-workshop, Evasion bed blanket and pillows<br>special fabric for special embroidery created by J.KURC,sold 3500€ ennji-workshop, cushion<br>silk embroidery with long and short stiches ennji-workshop, light embroidered for children bedroom<br>back stich for this light ennji-workshop, light for bedroom<br>embroidery on request or 90€ ennji-workshop, wedding book, exemple<br>exemple book with embroidery on request(this one solded) ennji-workshop, table clothe<br>point de Beauvais embroidery black and white to sell, 1500€ ennji-workshop, table clothe embroidery with shadow stiches on organdi" /> ennji-workshop, table clothe, embroidery with bleu and gold thread, point de Beauvais, on organdi (sold)" /> ennji-workshop, picture for embellishment<br>exemple of work for customer (solded) ennji-workshop, screen<br>silk screen closer, creation with beades, chenille and lurex , price 3500€ ennji-workshop, Evasion, blanket and pillows for bedroom<br>exemple of création for bedroom, design and creation on request price: 3500€ ennji-workshop, table set, from Gien design<br>embroidery on request from your China ennji-workshop, detail Gien embroidery<br>other China set with embroidery ennji-workshop, table embroidered<br>design for table on request, Lunéville embroidery,1X1M, price: 1500€ ennji-workshop, table embroidered other design <br>broderie de Lunéville, hight fashion for Table 1.2X1.2M, price 1800€ ennji-workshop, light for children<br>embroidery with long and short stiches, price 90€ with leg ennji-workshop, fleurs danseuses, light<br>light embroidered,with chain stiches ennji-workshop, China Gien<br>Point de beauvais embroidery ennji-workshop, table set, China Gien<br>point de Beauvais embroidery tulip for home design<br>painting with a needle (cotton thread) ennji-workshop, screen<br>screen, with chenille and beads