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Exhibition and workshop during 3 days.

Jocelyne KURC , crafstman from ENNJI'S school/workshop



Jocelyne Kurc, teacher of embroidery and craftsman, creates new stiches and offers you an exceptionnal quality of work in hand and embroidery machine.

The expérience of the hand to the machine embroidery

You want or you have a dream of an exceptional work of embroidery, Jocelyne is ready to realise your order, dont hesitate, contact her. Dresses, bags, furnitures, seats, etc.... can be embroidered, hand made or machine embroidery.

ennji-workshop, necklace and ear ring<br>embroidery with needle, price for all 70€(ear ring alone 35€)(necklace alone 45€) ennji-workshop, brooch green and pink<br>embroidery on net with the Lunéville hook, price 35€ each Bijoux brodés long turquoise<br>price: 70€, ear ring alone 35€, necklace alone: 45€ ennji-workshop, necklace white feather<br>stone and feather, price 35€ ennji-workshop, brooch, red feather<br>stone and red ,price 35€ ennji-workshop, brooch brown and pale bleu<br>embroidery with hook of Lunéville on net, price 35€ each ennji-workshop, green lace<br>lace jewellery with silk and beads, price 20€ ennji-workshop, Comb hair<br>price: 20€ each ennji-workshop, rose necklace<br>lace jewellery, price 20€