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Ennji workshop, Art


of Embroidery and Painting with a Needle, 

Villampuy, Eure et Loir.


At first, painting with a needle was developed to save the gold thread that was maintained in place with small stiches of silk thread to embellish fabrics.


Thus was born the Or nué, giving the illusion of a painting, in the 15th century. Italiens, and especially Flemishes developped the process to a high level of elegance. In England the Anglicanum refers to shadows and lights embroidery. As time goes by, painting with a needle gets rid of relief and gold threads. 
At the end of the 18th century, naturalists are in fashion with lighter and brighter drawings. Flowers, birds, butterflies and characters patterns are very realistic, drawn with a lot of details from live models. Silk is the material of choice for embroidery.
In Lyon (France) and area, silk was produced and  there was up to 20,000 embroiderers. Embroidered jackets from this century were very famous. Numerous colored silk threads were used for these paintings with a needle, but craftmen only used very simple stitches such as long and short stitch, satin stitch, knots and stem stitch.
A beautiful embroidery is characterized by the use of irregular stitches, long and short. Stitches should follow closely the shape of the pattern to create shadow and light, relief and hollow.
Painting with a needle requires a very tight frame, circular or regular, of various size. Most importantly, a single thread should be used no matter if cotton (type DMC) or silk threads are chosen. 
Painting with a needle is the art of playing with colours. There is no need to use multiple colour thread. Only one shade of colour can give multiple shades and shine depending on how the thread is worked.
Students may obtain very different results from each other working on a similar pattern, by using different colours. But dexterity plays the most important part! 
Far from being boring, this hobby allow each student to express him/her-self. Time, patience and persistance make embroidery a leisure without creative limits.
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