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Dare to try the " passé Ombré", the point of Jocelyne kurc 

Simple and fun, this new stitch can be learned in just 3 hours.

Be membership for 50€/year

Then, the kit and lesson all included only 60€.

Non membership, kit and lesson 90€.

Our actualities, exhibitions,......

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From september 2024 lesson at Juvisy sur Orge,
at the haberdashery " ZUMELINE"
and at Blois at the haberdashery " Imagine" La chaussée saint Victor.

livre tome 4 sur la peinture à l'aiguille_
livre tome 4 sur la peinture à l'aiguille créé par jocelyne KURC

Caution limited
edition, just some
in stock

4th book about advanced needle painting.

In this last book, i explain all the difficulties of needle painting with pictures.

Private sell. 

You need to contact me to receive MY RIB for a money tranfer or bank transfer or wire transfer.

Price  for the book with postage : 18,75€

Price book + fabric printed with postage : 28,75€

Contact me by mail , only money transfer

Lunéville et broderie aux rubans.

New, creative workshops

Discover without being a membership during 3 hours

- french needle painting

- Lunéville with a needle

 - create a book mark or bracelet with a needle

- create a jewelry ..... (silver or gold jewelry not included : 36€)

- whitework embroidery.....

90 € the lesson

Jocelyne Kurc, art embroiderer, best worker in France 1997, embroidery teacher
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The Generous Embroiderers

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As you may know, the Ennji workshop association donates the profits to Gustave Roussy and SOS children's villages every 6 months.

As an association no tax deduction is possible.

For students who wantGet a tax deduction for part of the price of their course with  Gustave Roussy  you can now do it directly on the following link /

Caution of10 to 40% maxthe price of your course, the balance to be paid during your courseso that the association can   donate the other part of the profits to SOS children's villages, the other cause we support.

Example: you take a day of lessons in Paris price 90€.

If you donate €36 directly via collection, part of your course day will actually only cost you €13 since you will receive a tax deduction certificate of €23.

Always give a maximum of 40%.

The association will be informed of your donation and you will pay the balance during the face-to-face course, i.e. the €54 remaining due.


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