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Embroideries taught by Jocelyne KURC who has a state diploma and is one of the best workers in France.
Passing on a unique and French Know-how, a valuable initiative to preserve and share our cultural heritage.

Needle painting

blue iris detail- needle painting by jocelyne kURC
Encroaching past, art embroidery class, traditional embroidery, needle painting
Needle painting

Discover the shadow point

flower with shadow stitches on organdi of cotton, hand embroidery, to be sold
Papillondenuit-hand embroidery-shadow stitch-kit gold thread-black cottonDMC.JPG
shadow stitch

The point of Jocelyne KURC ou 

The Shaded Past

Past ombré ombré ou point by Jocelyne KURC, le petit pecheur.JPG
broderie sur tulle

Lunéville embroidery

Beaded Lunéville brooch and Beauvais stitch, Lunéville embroidery course,
Luneville pearl and needle__edited.jpg
Lunéville, beaded

Traditional embroidery stitches

traditional embroidery, various stitches.JPG
embroidered thank you detail - stem stitch - satin stitch
traditionnal stitches

gold embroidery

cannetille gold embroidery.
canetille gold embroidery__edited.jpg
Gold work

Embroidery with ribbons and chenille

ribbon embroidery.JPG
embroidery with chenille.JPG
Ribbons embroidery

Richelieu embroidery and openwork

example richelieu embroidery.jpg
example richelieu embroidery.jpg
Richelieu, openwork
Pink Sugar

Beauvais stitch embroidery

(at the Luneville hook)

pointdeBeauvais- pointdechainette- embroiderymain_edited.jpg
Beauvais stitch or needlepoint chain stitch, Christmas tree
Beauvais stitch

Embroidery on net

Flowers contry on net, embroidery
tete cheval en tulle brodé.JPG
embroidery on net

Embroider, create your jewel in gold plated or platinum

embroidery hoop in platinum-kit-hand embroidery- jewelry to embroider, create and embroider your own
examples of hand-embroidered pendants_
kit sur tulle


Models for embroidery on net
Inside each model you have 23 stitches
You can use the differents stitches on right side or back side as you want to create differents effects
To buy, contact me.


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